3 arrested for luring more than 50 people to fake social media ads

Delhi Police on Wednesday apprehended three suspected fraudsters for deceiving people into offering electronic items or hardware at discounted rates through social media advertisements. North West Delhi Police cyber personnel have solved a case of cheating and registered a case under section 420 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against three people who were allegedly involved in the luring by offering discounts on electronic products and later inducing customers to pay a partial amount upfront.

The three people involved are Love Pahwa (24) who resides at Geeta Colony in Delhi, Mukesh Luthra (26) who resides at Pandav Road, Vishwas Nagar, Delhi and Kiran Nagpal who is the wife of Love Pahwa (38) and lives in Lakshmi. Nagar. According to the police, they have deceived more than 50 innocent people in the past 6 months across the country. Several complaints against them have also been registered in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

The matter was reported to the Delhi Police when a resident of Kingsway Camp Delhi was caught in one of their frauds and lost money. The man saw an advertisement on Facebook for a laptop which was at a reduced price of Rs 45,000, he called the phone number mentioned in the advertisement. The man and the alleged fraudsters made a deal and the man was promised to receive the laptop. For the same, he transferred Rs 15,000 as the first installment on which he was further convinced to transfer at least 50% of the total amount. Subsequently, he further transferred Rs. 5,000 via UPI. Again, he was contacted and urged to transfer Rs 2,200 in delivery/courier charges. In total, he transferred Rs 22,200 to the alleged individuals.

He later realized he had been the victim of a fraud that happened to him when neither the laptop was delivered nor the alleged person took his calls. As a result, a case was registered at the Cyber ​​Police Station and further investigation was initiated. Given the seriousness of the offense and the nature of the incident, a team was formed and properly informed and tasked with identifying the culprits as soon as possible.

The team immediately obtained the beneficiary’s account details and mounted technical surveillance. Details were carefully considered and sources were deployed to gather local intelligence in order to catch the accused. Based on the information collected and analysis of the details, a raid was conducted by the team at an address in Lakshmi Nagar, Delhi, from where three defendants were apprehended and digital evidence related to the case in courses were collected, including 3 mobile phones and 3 SIM cards. which turned out to be related in this case.

During their sustained interrogation, they confessed their involvement in the matter in question and Love Pahwa turned out to be the mastermind of this fraud. He revealed that along with his wife and a friend/associate, he used to commit online fraud to earn easy money to meet the expenses of living a lavish life. He further revealed that he and his associate used to check the details of possible targets from posts/ads on his Facebook page regarding the sale of electronic/sanitary/hardware items. They used to get contact numbers of interested customers from comments posted on these Facebook posts.

They further used to call interested customers and urge them to provide the desired items at discounted rates and further urge them to transfer half of the amount to their bank accounts as an advance and amount to the delivery charge name. They also used to post their fake ads to sell electronic items at discounted rates on Facebook. They further revealed that they used to trick innocent people into buying electronic items or hardware through advertisements on Facebook groups or pages.

They used to receive the defrauded amount in co-defendant Kiran’s bank account without Love Pahwa (main mastermind) through UPI transactions or online transfers. They shared the cheated amount won in a ratio of 70% by Love Pahwa and 30% by Mukesh Pankaj. Defendant Love Pahwa used to induce customers to transfer money and Defendant Mukesh used to withdraw the amount through ATM in order to split the same amount according to their percentage. (ANI)

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