5 Best Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Companies

Marketers make lead generation their top priority, but often their efforts don’t yield the results they want. This does not mean that content marketing is not a valid technique. But there are other B2B lead generation strategies that can make your business successful.

Here, we’ve come up with the top six lead generation strategies that can kick your business up a notch. Keep reading to satisfy your intellect.

Content marketing

Content marketing mediums are popular because the audience likes to gather information before making the purchase. Additionally, if your business likes to share articles and video content, content marketing can do wonders for your product or service. It is essential to have all the information about your target group so that your team can produce high quality copy. This leads to excellent search engine optimization, which helps to get more potential leads. And to excel in the SEO game, content marketing must be top-notch so that audiences find value in your content. You can use keyword research tools to stay ahead of your competition. Once you have gathered all the tools, strategy and plan, maintain consistency for best results.


Many B2B lead generation service supplier companies use Linkedin as a powerful tool to gain more leads. Using LinkedIn lead generation ads gives users specific targeting areas. Plus, LinkedIn ads help you generate high-intent leads. Optimize your business page, grow your connections, and share content relevant to your industry. Don’t forget to share video content on your company’s LinkedIn page. Create events on your company’s LinkedIn page and use this platform to find contact information for prospects.

Pay per click (PPC)

Search engine optimization and content marketing take time to show results. But that’s not the case with PPC. It’s short of Pay-per-click, which is one of the easiest ways to get results fast. For this to work, you need to have a clear idea of ​​your target audience. This can sometimes be expensive, depending on the industry you work in. You can use specific tools like an AdBlock so that the public cannot see banners or other clickable advertisements. There are several ways to post your ads online. The most important is the use of Google Adwords, which allows you to publish advertisements on the Google network.

Google Ads

Why would your business spend money on something if it gets it for free? The reason is that spending money helps generate quality leads. You must be surprised to know that google ads have an average conversion rate of almost 75%. It works great for b2b lead generation with a strong purchase intention. You just need to take advantage of the tools provided by Google and target high-intent keywords. Hosting a webinar or offering content upgrades are some of the strategies B2B marketers use to generate leads. No doubt, these strategies work but often result in targeting leads higher in the funnel, which can be less valuable. Select the right keywords using Google Ads. Also, you can access both display ads and Google search using Google Ads. It is advisable to focus more on search ads that you can find on search engine results pages.

Earn trusted backlinks

Word of mouth in the form of promotion is one of the best ways to attract customers. When someone likes your business, it indicates that they trust your services. Another way is when a trusted website sends its customers to you, which is called a backlink. How to create backlinks and make other sites believe that they can trust you? You can adopt various methods like writing blogs for other businesses, providing infographics, earning free backlinks if someone copies your images, or accessing the website’s resource page. Some people advise to never buy backlinks and to do thorough research before sharing them on another site. Your site may be hampered if you get do-follow backlinks from untrusted sources.

Cold emails

Adopting the means of cold emailing is quite difficult because you must establish a relationship with another company to whom you send the email. So take steps to make a great first impression to achieve wonderful results. Here is what you can do –

  • Show your content some creativity by including things like GIFs or memes to grab people’s attention.
  • Be direct in your tone and don’t try to spam people with marketing language.
  • People’s mailbox is full of emails. That’s why it’s important to send at least two follow-up emails to increase your chances of being seen among others.


You have to put in a lot of effort to make B2B business strategies work. You can’t just copy someone else’s strategy. Just because it works for them doesn’t mean it can work for you too. Keep the strategies mentioned above in mind and see which strategy works best for you to generate potential leads.

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