A simple twist, a breath of fresh air, well done!

New Cadbury Cricket ad: Thank God it’s Friday! Take on new meaning if you are able to spot something like this first thing in the morning. Yes, I’m talking about the new, not the old Cadbury cricket commercial with a new twist. Have you seen it yet?

For those of you who would instantly remember the old commercial, by the time the jingle begins it has a whole new meaning aside from nostalgia. It’s that breath of fresh air that can instantly lift your spirits. In an age when ads fail to impress or rub you the wrong way, this effort is much appreciated. It is a testament to the fact that while our love for cricket has remained unchanged over the decades, the times we live in are changing and for the better.

And for those of you who don’t have a vivid memory of 1993, here’s the Cadbury Cricket commercial where a girl dances on the cricket pitch after the batsman, presumably her boyfriend, has finished his century. The same ad has been reinvented with the genres reversed. And with that, it hits both the older and younger audiences today.

You can watch the Cadbury Dairy Milk and Ogilvy here:

Considering what our daughters accomplish every day, the recovery is just what was needed. Over time and with the awareness of women’s rights, the ads ceased to be overtly sexist. However, the objectification of the fairer sex and playing on gender stereotypes to sell things is still what drives advertisements in India.

A lot of our ads still show men or women failing to complete a task precisely because of their gender, the men are still the knights in shining armor. It’s always a mother who changes diapers, a man drives the car, a woman folds clothes after washing them, and so on. Please tell me why do we have to sell deodorants for men correlating them with increased sex appeal and popularity among the opposite sex?

Advertising should help us understand the world around us. It must reflect our changing cultural environment. And we are at a time when we need to recognize that traditional ways of portraying gender are no longer appealing to young people and that this publicity has started the ball rolling.

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