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When my wife and I opened Cypress Grove Brewing in 2019, we did so with two goals. We wanted to help foster a sense of community in Assumption, our farming town of just over 1,000 people, which had seen little significant investment in recent decades. We also wanted to find a combination of fun and rewarding work during our retirement years.

In the years since opening our brewery and tasting room on the site of our beef farm, we have learned several important lessons ranging from technology to marketing and operations. We want to share them with our fellow small business owners in hopes that we can grow our Assumption community together.

1. Think local. From local food trucks to local vendors and local music, promoting local small businesses helps us attract new customers and foster a sense of community pride in our business. When we can’t partner with local businesses, we ask them for recommendations.

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2. Be smart about technology. We’re in our 60s, so we’re not the most tech-savvy couple on the planet. But when we started the brewery, we knew we had to advertise. We learned how to use Facebook Ads to reach our surrounding community in a direct and cost effective way. Facebook is the primary platform we use to advertise our business.

3. Stay authentic. We are not trying to be what we are not. We’re livestock producers who want to have fun in retirement, and we’ve tailored our operations to meet those goals. We’re open one or two days a week, and we run our business like a family reunion, with lawn chairs and board games and good conversation.

There’s nothing better than someone who comes to the brewery as a customer and leaves as a friend. Together, let’s support our small businesses, stimulate investment and develop our community in Assumption.

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