Apple in talks to run ads on Apple TV+ shows

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Media agency reports claim that Apple is considering adding ads to Apple TV+ shows, as part of its efforts to increase ad revenue.

Apple’s privacy efforts have given the impression that the company is against advertising, but that has never been the case. But it is claimed that Apple is exploiting its privacy features to give it an edge over other companies.

That perk comes in the form of the company’s long-running search advertising service, which is expected to reach $6 billion in business by 2025.

Now according to DigidayApple is looking to grow its advertising sales with Apple TV+.

Various sources told the publication that Todd Teresi, Apple’s vice president of advertising platforms, has been meeting with ad network executives. An anonymous source from the news agency said she was due to meet Teresi in November and thinks she will be concerned about TV adverts.

“[Teresi] have expressed interest in expanding their [ad] company,” the source said, “but he also made it very clear that Apple wouldn’t do anything unless one, there was a meaningful opportunity, and two, they would never do anything to jeopardize the relationship they have with their consumers.”

“Anything that would open a premium inventory [in connected TV or streaming] would be a bright spot,” the unnamed marketing executive continued. “The last bastion is Apple TV.”

“Apple is going to be a very good ad experience with probably a low ad load,” the source said. “They’re already actually quite diverse in terms of revenue streams, so there’s less pressure to adapt lots of ads.”

The low ad load means that Apple TV+ wouldn’t end up with as many minutes of ads per hour as network TV. However, this would surely mean that the most popular shows like “Ted Lasso” would be loaded with commercials instead of the currently common promotions for other shows.

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