Apple stops casino ads in the App Store

After criticism from developers and users, which has multiplied lately on Twitter and Reddit, Apple backtracked on its new App Store advertising strategy. Not in full, but the company has confirmed that it will stop serving casino and gambling ads.

In a statement sent to. Company spokesperson Mac Rumorsa confirmed to the outlet that it has suspended ads related to gambling and certain other categories on App Store product pages. It’s unclear if this is a final decision, i.e. if this will be a category that won’t be reposted, or is a temporary hiatus while they tweak the settings by which these ads are displayed.

The truth is that since they started appearing, many developers were unhappy with the way ads were displayed in their app tabs. Especially in miner-focused apps which, below, displayed advertisements for gambling or betting. Another case that also made the rounds of the networks these days was the case of a casino advertisement directly on the tab of an application to reduce gambling or alcohol addictions.

No casino advertising on the App Store, at least for now

The fact that Apple has stopped advertising on casinos is good news. In fact, it shows the intentions of the company to listen to users, but the case of casinos and gambling is something that This shouldn’t have happened in the first place. The App Store is the app store with the best quality and controls for users, which is why this un-Apple-like strategy shocked the community so much.

Either way, it seems clear that Apple is going to bet heavily on advertising in some of its services. In fact, Maps is said to be the next app to show sponsored businesses, though for now that’s a rumour.

At the moment, only the App Store shows direct advertisements, although other apps such as Fitness also show recommendations for workout apps, and the Discover Home tab also includes shortcuts to purchase Homekit-enabled products on the App Store Online, although neither of these last two examples is anything new.

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