Beer company’s TV ad attempts to answer ‘relax the cacks’ riddle with surprising GAA answer

A new TV advert has emerged which attempts to respond to the infamous Irish phrase ‘relax the cacks’.

The commercial theme of “Five Lamps” is humorous as it includes a GAA short.


The Five Lamps commercial is currently airing
It features a humorous retelling of GAA shorts


It features a humorous retelling of GAA shorts
The ad attempts to address the origins of the saying


The ad tries to answer the origins of the saying “relax the cacks”


The ad (which has already aired) features a bartender asking a puzzled customer about the origins of the saying.

Then suddenly, the bartender travels back in time to 2018 as he tries to explain his origins to a customer, who doesn’t seem to care.

During the flashback, an imaginary fashion designer by the name of Shayme Hughes is then shown.

He is then filmed alongside a photo of a GAA player, claiming he was inspired by GAA shorts as he takes the fashion world by storm.

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The bartender narrating the segment says the GAA collection was featured on the catwalks of every major fashion city in the world – and Crumlin – before being revealed as the “relax the cacks” collection.

When the shot comes back to the customer after the bartender’s explanation of his origins, he sips his drink and says, “Ahh, you’ll be fine.”

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