Build brand power with a Gen X audience via Facebook Ads

The marketing potential of social media is an industry fact. Sustainable skincare brand Juno & Co., for example, reached over 200 million views on TikTok and Instagram, growing 300% between 2020 and 2021, thanks to a TikTok influencer campaign targeting its 70% Gen Z customer base. But while Gen Z and the aforementioned platforms may seem like the hot ticket, other brands are finding success in more targeted approaches for often overlooked consumer demographics. .

Nulastin, a line of personal care products harnessing ethically sourced elastin and keratin proteins to encourage eyelash, eyebrow and hair growth, has positioned its marketing strategy with Gen X women on Facebook. Founder and CEO Leah Garcia sat down with BeautyMattter to explain why thoroughness beats mass and the power of knowing your audience.

What made you decide to adopt the targeted marketing strategy of Facebook ads?

Leah Garcia: After making the strategic business decision to focus on Gen X women, as well as those starting to lean into anti-aging products, we developed a marketing strategy that reached our target consumers there. where they were already (Facebook, email, retargeting, etc.), which resulted in huge success in just six years of operation.

Nulastin’s cult following has grown over time due to our impressive efficiency, high customer return rate and the power of our online community. Many of our most loyal and satisfied customers are sharing their powerful stories on Facebook and encouraging others to try Nulastin for themselves. In an industry saturated with companies claiming they can’t follow through, Nulastin Elastin Replenishment does exactly what we say it will do, which is not only disruptive, but new.

What advantages did it offer over traditional marketing methods?

Facebook ads are interactive and engaging. Captivating videos, GIFs and images tell a visual story. The ad copy amplifies the benefits for those who want more information, and the headline creates urgency. It’s a great way to communicate with the consumer. When you add comments to the mix, you get a story that is peer to peer and not just one dimensional (business to consumer). This is probably the most powerful part of why Facebook Ads work so well. Savvy viewers can spot when comments are dishonest or canned, which sets Nulastin apart. We literally respond to every thread with a personal note because ultimately we care about people engagement.

Couple this ability to generate compelling ads with a personal touch to the fact that Gen Xers have a historically high presence on Facebook, and leveraging this platform to speak to our target audience just makes good business sense.

What do you think of the rising cost of online advertising?

With the iOS 14 update, we have seen a profound impact on our business. User permission has been a wake-up call for those of us who have relied heavily on Facebook and Instagram. Year over year, our CPM (cost per thousand impressions) increased by 52%, our CPC (cost per click) by 49% and our CPP (cost per purchase) by 56%.

Although we have sought to nurture our customers on a variety of platforms, the reality is that Gen X customers are highly engaged on Facebook. There are several direct and indirect actions we take to confront, correct and/or compensate for this reality; however, these measures will not solve rising costs overnight.

To overcome the rising costs of online advertising, e-commerce companies need to expand and diversify their initiatives, and constantly seek out and explore new platforms.

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