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Eyonce and Jay-Z starred in a romantic new commercial for the Tiffany & Co. About Love campaign.

The 40-year-old singer and 51-year-old rapper calm down in the back of a New York cab and enjoy an evening to themselves eating pizza and drinking champagne for a Breakfast at inspired clip. Tiffany’s titled Date Night.

The couple’s nine-year-old daughter Blue Ivy makes an appearance in the ad, interrupting her parents’ solo ride in the city.

Viewers also get a behind-the-scenes look at the clip, with the video showing the production crew filming Jay-Z and Beyonce in their engine in front of a green screen.

Blue Ivy makes an appearance

/ Tiffany & Co. About Love campaign.

Of course, the couple are decked out in Tiffany jewelry all over the place.

It comes days after Beyonce posted a series of Instagram photos of herself reading the Evening Standard.

The singer spent time in London earlier this month and made a surprise red carpet appearance on the London Film Festival opening night with Jay-Z.

The couple’s shocking trip to the capital grabbed the Standard headlines – and the star wasted no time posting about being a cover girl.

Beyonce posted a photo of herself on Instagram on the front page, along with another of her reading the newspaper.

Jay-Z, who is a producer of the Netflix film – directed by Jeymes Samuels, walked the red carpet with his superstar wife at the Royal Festival Hall on Wednesday night.

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Shen Yun announces return, prepare for commercials Mon, 18 Oct 2021 18:35:44 +0000

There have been a few nice silver liners in the last year and a half of pandemic life. The slow streets have given us delicious community ties. Take-out cocktails and parklets covered in murals have beautified our streetscapes and redefined our social gatherings. And while the loss of the live theater was devastating, it had the slight edge that we didn’t have to deal with the threat of advertising saturation that is Shen Yun.

It’s baaaack. The Shen Yun website shows that Shen Yun will be in San Francisco at the War Memorial Opera House from January 2-9, 2022. It’s also in San Jose from December 22-26, and actually opens this Tuesday night in Modesto, and is playing a two-night engagement in Fresno on October 30 and 31.

This is not a reduced COVID schedule. Shen Yun typically only plays for a week or so in San Francisco, despite its notorious multi-month advertising onslaught.

This year’s iteration seems more frank about its political bias, with the slogan “China before Communism”. The historical extravagance is funded by Falun Gong, a sort of sectarian meditation group that over the decades has become very political. The group also publishes the very pro-Trump conspiracy journal The Epoch Times, which recently published very favorable “reviews” of Shen Yun such as Lavish Praise for Shen Yun in Massachusetts, Dentist Moved by the True Stories of China Told in Shen Yun. , and Couple Says. Shen Yun made them sit on the edge of their seats.

How the hell can this show afford to do so much publicity? The Chronicle delved into their finances and found that the series was indeed profitable. Their secret is the cost of labor, or rather the lack of it. A very large percentage of Shen Yun’s workforce are volunteers. Each production is regional, but the Chronicle found that the California regional team at Shen Yun spent 62% of their budget on advertising in 2017, the most recent year for which they had tax data.

Reviews of the show are obviously determined by politics. The Chinese Embassy in the United States, which absolutely despises this spectacle, declares on its website that “the so-called ‘Shen yun’ is not at all a cultural spectacle but a political tool of ‘Falun Gong’ for preach sectarian messages, spread anti-China propaganda, increase own influence and raise funds [sic]. Such a spectacle denigrates and distorts Chinese culture, and deceives, ridicules and even harms audiences.

Not to be outdone, the Shen Yun website has a section called The Challenges We Face, in which they say of the Chinese Communist Party, “The main goal is to prevent [Shen Yun] to reveal to the world the tragic reality of the persecution, but that is not the only reason. The Party is also trying to infiltrate Western society to manipulate the opinion of the international community.

Have a good Shen Yun advertising season, everyone.

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“Only Hindus can apply”: indignation at a job offer in Tamil Nadu Sun, 17 Oct 2021 12:46:43 +0000 Only Hindus can apply: A job offer published by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR&CE) department inviting the majority community to apply for teaching and non-teaching staff at Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar Arts and Science College in Kolathur triggered the indignation in Tamil Nadu.

Denying Opportunities on the Basis of Religion is Unconstitutional | Representative purpose only. Photo: iStock.

Only Hindus can apply: A job posting published by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR&CE) department inviting the majority community to apply for teaching and non-teaching staff for the Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar Arts and Science College in Kolathur sparked outrage in Tamil Nadu .

Denying opportunities on the basis of religion is against the Constitution. The HR&CE department is starting four new colleges, including Kapaleeswarar College in Kolathur, from 2021 to 222.

In an Oct. 13 announcement, the department said walk-in interviews for the post of assistant professors to teach BCom, BBA, BSc Computer Science, BCA, Tamil, English, math courses, and physics and director positions. librarian is on October 18 at campus in Kolathur. He also announced walk-in interviews for 11 non-teaching staff positions, including office assistant, junior assistant, guard and sweeper. The ad stated that for teaching and non-teaching positions, only Hindus can apply.

Mr Maharaja, former government special advocate, HR&CE, said the publicity was wrong because section 10 of the HR&CE law, which states that all staff must be practicing Hindus, only applies to the appointment of the temple staff. K Pandiyan, former president of the Association of University Teachers, said that although the department manages 36 schools, five colleges of arts and sciences and a polytechnic college, this is the first time that applications are being solicited. only with Hindus.


“A department run by the state government cannot discriminate on the basis of religion and ineligible candidates of other religions,” he said.

He also cited the example of MSS Wakf Board College in Madurai, which has several non-Muslim professors.

T Veeramani, president of the Tamil Nadu Government Collegiate Teachers Association, said the condition that only Hindus can apply was not acceptable. “The government can only run the institution in accordance with the Constitution,” he said.

HR&CE Minister PK Sekar Babu and Commissioner J Kumaragurubaran were unavailable for comment.

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Italian stars and Roberto Mancini joke about England in ad after Euro 2020 final victory Sat, 16 Oct 2021 09:27:40 +0000

Italy’s Euro 2020 stars and manager Roberto Mancini mock England in ad – three months after being crowned champions after beating the Three Lions on penalties

  • England suffered heartbreaking Euro 2020 final defeat to Italy
  • Three players missed on the spot as Italy won the final on penalties
  • Italy players and Roberto Mancini mock England in new ad
  • Jorginho, Leonardo Bonucci and Manuel Locatelli are the players involved

The Italian stars made a cheeky dig in England three months after beating Gareth Southgate’s men on penalties to win Euro 2020.

A new ad featuring Roberto Mancini and three key figures from the team that won the trophy ends with a joke about their final victory over the Three Lions.

In the ad for the Italian Post, Mancini opens his door to see Chelsea star Jorginho and Juventus duo Leonardo Bonucci and Manuel Locatelli.

Italy stars mocked England three months after Euro 2020 final victory

Veteran defender Bonucci turns to midfielder Jorginho, who is holding a bundle, and asks what he’s brought.

Jorginho delivers a package to the Italian boss and tells him it’s an Italian dessert called “Zuppa Inglese” – which literally translates to “English soup”.

The ad then ends with Bonucci and Locatelli mocking Jorginho’s joke.

It was a heartbreaking defeat for England who took the lead thanks to Luke Shaw only to be caught by Bonucci midway through the second half.

Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka then missed the shot on penalties as Italy took the win.

The Italians have since enjoyed the glory of victory since defeating Three Lions, shedding light on England fans’ ‘it’s coming home’ chant.

Immediately after the final whistle, Bonucci shouted “this is happening in Rome” into a TV camera.

The Juventus defender was angered by England fans booing the Italian national anthem at Wembley and made sure he got his revenge, also declaring in the wake: “You all still have to eat a lot of pasta” – making apparently referring to the English fans’ chant of ‘you can stick your twirly pasta on your ***’ in the prep for the game.

Roberto Mancini played with three players in an advertisement for the Italian Post

Roberto Mancini played with three players in an advertisement for the Italian Post

He sees Mancini opening his door to find Leonardo Bonucci, Jorginho and Manuel Locatelli

He sees Mancini opening his door to find Leonardo Bonucci, Jorginho and Manuel Locatelli

Chelsea star Jorginho jokes that he brought 'Zuppa Inglese' - which translates to English soup

Chelsea star Jorginho jokes that he brought ‘Zuppa Inglese’ – which translates to English soup

He continued: “They wanted to bring the cup back to England, but we are the ones who will bring it to Rome by plane.”

Speaking to Athletic in September, the 34-year-old revealed how much the confidence of England fans motivated them to win at Wembley.

Bonucci said: “We didn’t pay much attention to it until the game against Spain [semi-final], then the anger inside us started to build up.

“We wanted to show them that the final was not decided yet. That they hadn’t already won.

“To hear that song on repeat and Declan Rice’s comment that England were ten times more motivated to win than we were… well, that’s the kind of mistakes young players make.

‘You don’t say that. You should never say that you want something more than someone else or that you are better than someone else. ‘

England fell to a heart-wrenching shootout loss in which three players missed the shot

England fell to a heart-wrenching shootout loss in which three players missed the shot

Bonucci had previously goaded English fans by shouting

Bonucci had previously goaded English fans by shouting “it’s happening Rome” after the final


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Man Utd superstar Cristiano Ronaldo turns kung fu fighting ninja in bizarre new commercial Fri, 15 Oct 2021 03:30:00 +0000

Cristiano Ronaldo has tried his hand at being a ninja in a new commercial for Asian tech company ZujuGP as the Manchester United superstar starts a new business venture with Salford City shareholder Peter Lim.

Video upload

Video unavailable

Cristiano Ronaldo stars in advertisement for new ZujuGP company