COLUMN MP: Tour of Great Britain, a “superb publicity” for the city

IN this week’s column, Labor MP for Warrington North Charlotte Nichols highlights the upcoming Tour of Britain in Warrington.

The parliamentary recess is a great opportunity to fill my journal with as many constituency events as possible and this year has not disappointed. A huge plus is meeting so many wonderful local volunteers, like at Padgate Community Garden – where I got to see them in action – and Roy Humphreys Community Center, where I joined in their popular family fun day. I meet so many inspiring people like those who participate in the National Citizen Service with the Warrington Youth Club who have told me about their disability awareness project.

Recess is also a great way to learn more about the crucial work of our local charities, such as visiting the Warrington Visually Impaired People charity where I had great conversations with staff and volunteers to find out what how much their center is appreciated and how much it has been missed. Last year.

The Tour of Britain in Warrington was a great advertisement for our town. Well done to everyone who helped organize this world class event in Warrington. As a local MP, I was delighted to help and will do anything to ensure that we capitalize on its success, not only by regenerating the city center, but by promoting more active commutes and making cycling easier for people. of all ages.

After this busy holiday, Parliament returned last week, so I was back in London to speak for Warrington in Westminster.

On Tuesday, I was able to present my bill to introduce a charter for disabled passengers in public transport. Many of us without disabilities suffer and complain about the condition of our buses and trains and the lack of investment in transport in the north, but people with disabilities face much broader challenges.

For some people it is difficult to get in or out of vehicles, especially when pre-booked help is not displayed, some wheelchair users find their spaces blocked by groceries or strollers, and some visually impaired people may have trouble recognizing destinations. There are many barriers for people with disabilities who use public transport to gain the dignity and freedom to travel independently.

Surveys have shown that 80% of people with disabilities find that traveling on public transport causes them anxiety and stress, but one in six people don’t even know how to complain because the rules vary so much.

My bill would bring together all the rights of people with disabilities on the different modes of transport as well as the complaints procedures in one simple document to make their lives easier. This would ensure that transport operators are transparent in their rules and show where there are inconsistencies. It would be an inexpensive way to improve the lives of millions of people.

Now that my bill has been introduced, I will try to encourage the government to support it, and I would appreciate if readers could urge their MPs to support it as well.

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