DeJoy: Trump ‘incorrect’ to say USPS is not equipped to handle postal voting | Zoom Fintech

Trump has repeatedly opposed postal voting, wrongly saying it would lead to widespread electoral fraud while encouraging his supporters to forge their ballots by mail. The president also said in August that he was opposed to additional funding for the USPS because he did not want it to be used for postal voting in the November election, while saying the Postal Service would not. could not handle the number of ballots. “The postal service will do its job to send out the ballots. When the president explains that the Postal Service wouldn’t – shouldn’t be equipped to do it, which, he’s wrong with that, ”DeJoy said at a digital conference by The Financial Membership of Washington, DC. “We are equipped to do it and we will send out the ballots. He also said he “had little to no dialogue” with the Trump administration about USPS operations and that no one had informed him of the slow postal service, which affected users these days. last months. No, no and 1,000,000 opportunities, no. I had little to no dialogue with the administration, ”DeJoy said. “The postal service is an impartial group. I report to a board of directors, a bipartisan board of directors, and this is where we, the place where my plans for what we do with the postal service are allowed. no input from the White House on anything, and they would have no authority to order me to do anything. Another’s similar choice was chosen in Washington state on Friday to prevent the company’s coverage changes. When asked if he would accept the choice, DeJoy has repeatedly stated what the judges have determined are changes he has already decided to put in place. “We are in negotiations with them,” he said, adding that he hopes these negotiations will come to a conclusion that will allow the USPS to steer clear of the appeals. “At the end of the day, we stick to the rules and the selections will likely be between us and the Justice Division whether we attract them or not. CNN’s Marshall Cohen, Katelyn Polantz, Paul P. Murphy and Sonia Moghe contributed to this. report.

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