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According to who you ask, the digital advertising industry is counting the minutes until the day of the end or entering an exciting new era for engaging with consumers. Apple’s iOS 14.5 update, which effectively ends automatic registrations for online tracking and data collection, is finally here, and Google is aiming to phase out third-party cookies next year.

The future could see a wave of innovations that help consumers opt out of data collection. It is therefore up to the advertising industry to find ways to encourage these educated and empowered consumers to re-register.

It remains to be seen whether these changes set digital advertisers back 15 years or pave the way for more fruitful interactions with customers. But one thing is clear: it is huge. Allowing users to decide what browsing data can be collected, by whom and under what circumstances is a move that will change the direction of the advertising industry.

But the new leadership must not drive digital marketers into oblivion, failure or poverty. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

With a few short-term strategy changes – and a longer-term plan that recognizes that people realize the value of their data online – advertisers can form a new kind of relationship with consumers. It can be based on trust and the open exchange of value.

It’s up to advertisers to seize, accept and reap the benefits of the changes to come. Because with iOS 14.5, the depreciation of cookies and regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, an era ends and a new one begins. There is a new seat at the table in the grand bargaining session between advertisers and tech giants. It is occupied – for the first time – by the user.

The short-term strategy

Advertisers can cope with big changes in the short term by implementing several steps.

To get started, developers need to update their Application SDKs to support Apple’s new SKAdNetwork solution, then verify attribution on each channel. For example, after SDK updates, verify that the number of installs reported from your Facebook ads matches the number of installs you see reported in the App Store Developer Console or your analytics provider. prefer.

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It can get more complicated the more you use channels, but it’s important to check all the reports for your advertising channels. It’s also important to set your conversion value, as this is the key to getting granular insight into your ad campaigns and ensuring that the right entity controls the flow of information.

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