Facebook Focuses On Messaging At Its F8 Developer Conference

If there’s one word to take from Facebook’s virtual developer conference Wednesday, it’s “messaging”.

Facebook has made a flurry of announcements of new corporate messaging tools for developers, which Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, Facebook’s vice president of platform partnerships, called “a key area of ​​interest.”

Mark Zuckerberg said much the same thing during Facebook’s last earnings call in April, when he highlighted corporate messaging, commerce, creators and augmented reality and virtual reality as the top priorities for the company. investment with the potential to “change the trajectory of the company in the long term”.

If you couldn’t log in, here are five of the top takeaways from this year’s F8 Refresh keynote.

1. Facebook Messenger API for Instagram is available to all developers

The Facebook Messenger API allows developers to build tools to send and receive messages at scale across all platforms.

In October, Facebook began beta testing the Messenger API for Instagram with a small group of companies. This API functionality is now being rolled out to businesses and developers around the world so that they can integrate Instagram messaging into their existing sales services and applications.

Messaging is becoming an integral part of the shopping, discovery, and general customer service experience on Facebook apps. Facebook noted a 40% increase in conversations between people and businesses during the pandemic.

2. WhatsApp gets more business features

Strengthening the link between messaging and commerce is a top priority for Facebook.

Late last year, Facebook introduced an add to cart feature in the WhatsApp Business app, a free app that small businesses can use to communicate with their customers and automate some customer service tasks. The WhatsApp Business app is different from the standard WhatsApp app, which doesn’t include as many business-focused features.

From now on, people will be able to browse and order a company’s products through the basic WhatsApp app. Ultimately, the plan is to add payments to the experience.

“We are creating tools to enable an end-to-end business journey to happen directly on WhatsApp,” said Ajit Varma, director of product management at WhatsApp.

3. Login Connect arrives on Messenger

In the coming weeks, Facebook will integrate its sign-in feature with Messenger so that people can choose to communicate with a business when they download an app for the first time and create their account.

After opening a recently downloaded app, logged in with Facebook, and enabled messaging, businesses will be able to contact people through Messenger and automatically apply coupons at checkout.

During testing, Facebook found that over 70% of people opted for messaging when presented with the option during login.

4. Upcoming search API

In the messaging-free news, Facebook intends to create a search API for the college community.

Late last year, Facebook got into a fight with university researchers over what it claimed was data scraping. Facebook demanded that researchers at New York University stop collecting data on its political ad targeting practices because, as Facebook put it in a letter, “scratching tools, no matter how well-intentioned they are. , are not an authorized means of collecting information from us “.

Senator Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn, herself condemned Facebook at the time for “making it harder for Americans to get information about political ads online.”

The new search API will provide real-time access to public Facebook pages, groups and post-level data in the United States in what Facebook claims to be a “privacy environment.” The API will be available to the university community later this year.

5. Facebook marketing partners are no longer

Finally, FMP is on the verge of becoming FBP.

The Facebook Marketing Partner Program is made up of companies that Facebook verifies and awards an official badge for their expertise in a certain area, be it campaign management, lead generation, community management, commerce, messaging, creative – there are a bunch of categories that go beyond just marketing.

To reflect this expanded reach, Facebook plans to rename the program “Facebook Business Partners” and consolidate more solutions under this umbrella to make it easier for businesses to find partners and for partners to find developers.

More information on the new structure arrives at the end of June.

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