Facebook ready to commit to erasing access to advertising data for its partners: French Watchdog

The American social media giant Facebook has offered to commit to providing its partners with clear and objective conditions of access to advertising inventories and advertising campaign data, the French competition authority announced on Thursday. of an investigation.

The commitments offered by Facebook follow a complaint from the French online advertising group Criteo, which highlighted its withdrawal from the Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) program in 2018 and alleged that the practices of the American giant constituted disparaging behavior.

FMPs are one of a group of more than 100 technology providers who offer services to advertisers to enhance their online advertising campaigns, the watchdog said.

To obtain FMP status, companies go through a selection process and are forced to comply with certain rules. In return, Facebook allows them to use some of its services.

The watchdog’s investigation found that Facebook’s practices were “likely” to hinder access to ad inventory and data from Facebook ad campaigns.

He also highlighted a lack of transparency and objectivity in the way applications to become FMP are handled.

In response to this first survey, Facebook offered to maintain objectivity, clarity and non-discrimination around the performance criteria required of PMFs, and to offer regular compliance training to sales teams, the company said. watch dog.

Facebook is ready to make these commitments, which the competition authority has submitted for public consultation until July 5, for a period of three years. The commitments only apply to companies that target French users of Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Criteo said he would review Facebook’s commitments over the next few weeks.

“We are encouraged by Facebook’s commitments to maintain an objective and non-discriminatory partnership program,” he said.

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