Factors to Consider When Choosing a Reliable (Promoted) Google Ads Service

Paid search marketing is an extremely valuable tool, but it needs an experienced professional team to manage the campaign. Google Ads or AdWords is great for growing a brand’s sales with a rock-solid product and a scalable business model.

You will have to find the right one Google advertising agency, like Australian Internet Advertising, to create a strategy that reduces click-through rates and improves conversions. It doesn’t matter if you want to build a PPC campaign from scratch or give your current campaign a facelift – call the pros.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Reliable Google Ads Service


Check if the service is Google certified. Google offers the Google Ads certification to people who prove their expertise and skills in digital advertising, especially PPC. The Google Premier Partner badge and DigitalMarketer Certified Partner are a few other certifications to consider.


Even if the ad agency has the right qualification, they may not have an impressive track record. Check out their case studies, which reveal their proven processes. Knowing if they have worked in your niche can also be an advantage.

Tracking and Reporting

A PPC agency gathers a lot of data to expand your brand visibility, convert leads into customers, and optimize your digital marketing strategy. You should expect reports that display crucial data in a simple and understandable way. Even if they use tracking tools, an agency’s reports may be inaccurate if they lack analytical knowledge.

So tell them about their tracking methods, like the tools they use, what counts as a conversion, what they track, and what their reporting technique looks like. Avoid agencies that claim to use a proprietary reporting tool, as they may omit crucial data. Submitted monthly reports should easily merge with your Google My Business account.


You are investing in a long-term relationship by hiring a paid marketing agency. The relationship must be honest and reliable to be successful. Even if the potential PPC agency has all of the above qualifications, if they have poor communication skills, it means they are not a good fit. At first, you might find their communication impeccable and impressive, but the real answer comes after signing a contract.

Discuss communication from the start, as it is essential to have a clear understanding of the contribution that both parties have to make. Will there be a designated person you can contact to discuss your questions? If so, this person should be aware of your business goals and promotional strategy. You should also feel comfortable going to the representative in concerning situations.


Hiring an affordable PPC company is great…but low cost can mean high engagement and low value. Creating, strategizing, implementing and monitoring a PPC campaign involves a lot. Also, you don’t want to get trapped in a cheap long-term contract because Google fluctuates and the campaign may need to change.

It’s tempting to believe promises of around 100% results or income increases within two weeks. In reality, no good PPC advertising agency can guarantee results because creating an effective PPC advertising campaign takes time, effort and patience. They are not magicians or psychics… never believe the hype!


Paid marketing agency pricing should be transparent, including a full cost breakdown. You must not lose ownership of your Google Account. The agency should share the space and be offered access to track progress and create a campaign.

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