Fall in the right season

A day or two after Halloween, I put away the pumpkins and ghosts, but I wasn’t quite ready for the turkeys and pilgrims.

Then I saw one of the many Facebook ads about getting my groceries before it was too late and decided I better enjoy Thanksgiving before it gets swallowed up on Christmas. .

It’s not just my imagination that the signs of the season go up earlier all the time. This year, Christmas trees and lights, striped candy cane pajamas and poinsettia-covered tablecloths seemed to be on store shelves just as people shopped for back-to-school items.

Undoubtedly, part of this year’s effort is to combat the depressed economy by urging people to shop early and often. A sad byproduct is that Thanksgiving is treated like a redheaded son-in-law, and that’s why I decided to bathe my house in the orange glow of fall colors.

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And you know what? I like it.

I’ve always loved decorations that people make with their own hands—or buy specifically with us in mind—and my Thanksgiving displays are great examples of that. There’s a spectacular “Happy Harvest” wreath in the kitchen with scarecrows, pumpkins, and ribbon twists that my daughter-in-law, Jamie, made. She didn’t follow a pattern or try to copy one she saw (that’s how I do most crafts). She created her own version.

It’s not far from a plastic canvas turkey whose feathers are extravagant ribbons of green, yellow and rust and whose dangling legs are fitted with bells at the end. My mother made this, as well as plastic canvas pilgrims and a few small ceramic turkeys.

A foam picture frame decorated by my eldest granddaughter, Emily, last Thanksgiving states “Grateful for Fall” and includes a picture of her and my youngest granddaughter, Bella. And as genes dictate, these two cousins ​​are 16 years apart but share some of the same personality traits, including creativity.

Not far away are wooden blocks from my sister-in-law Annamaria in New Jersey, who had her country parents in mind when she selected “Gobble, Gobble Y’all” and “Give Thanks Y’all “.

On the kitchen table is a metal container, the shape and size of a gift bag. It comes from my “Lake Anna mother”, Betty Gentry, who knows how much I love chickens. The rooster in the photo has pumpkins at his feet, and I added sunflowers and other orange plastic flowers to the container.

The coffee table features another sunflower, this one in a pot and surrounded by two wonderful orange-scented candles. These were secret gifts to Santa one year from Betty Snider.

This arrangement is bordered by two wine bottles that I have decorated. One is a scarecrow with a felt hat that covers faux straw hair and the other is a turkey with a face resembling an Angry Bird. Its tail has faux leaves stuck on wooden skewers and attached to the back of the bottle, and there are real wild turkey feathers too, courtesy of my mate Lou.

There are other Secret Santa decorations – and man, I miss the days when we had an office full of people getting into the holiday spirit. Some of the items on display were from the dollar store and a few were in a gift box someone had left at the end of their driveway.

Lou can’t resist the promise that one person’s trash becomes another’s treasure.

Looking at the displays with their splendid autumn tones makes me think of the people behind them and it puts me in a grateful and grateful mood. And that’s exactly how I want to feel during the second week of November, not like I’m behind the ball of eight for Christmas chores.

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