Haarlem becomes the first city in the world to ban meat advertisements

Haarlem announced plans to ban all public advertisements of meat products in the city, making it the first city in the world to introduce such a rule.

The municipality of Haarlem will ban meat advertisements from 2024

Earlier this month, the municipality confirmed that from 2024 no advertisements for meat products will be visible in public spaces in the city, affecting advertisements on billboards, advertising screens and at bus/tram stops.

It is not yet clear how the ban will affect different foods and brands, and whether it will have consequences for organic meat. Some lawyers have already raised concerns about the change, arguing that the ban could be seen as a violation of free speech.

Dutch cities ban ads for climate-damaging products

Haarlem is widely believed to be the first city in the world to introduce a law restricting meat advertisements, a decision the municipality has attributed to the impact of meat production on the climate.

The ban – which stems from a motion by the GroenLinks party – goes one step further than similar rules already in place in Leiden, Amsterdam and The Hague. These Dutch cities have already banned advertisements for air travel, gasoline cars and the fossil fuel industry due to their negative impact on the environment.

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