How our advertising system is different

The vast majority of websites on the Internet use real-time auctions to sell ad space:

This “auction” type system leads to limited control (where only rich national ad campaigns get the best ad placements and the most impressions).

Instead, we use a “direct system” that allows for a fair and locally focused approach:

Our direct system

Our website offers an “ad-shuffle”, which ensures that ad positions are regularly rotated with each new page load:

To mix together

This system ensures that all advertisers benefit from the occasional loading of their ad at the top of a page.

You can test the Shuffle system for yourself by reloading the homepage of the website and seeing the ad rotation in action.

Performance improvement

Some of our advertisers want the ability to improve the performance of their digital ad campaigns (more so than our standard shuffle system).

We offer two methods to expand an advertiser’s “reach” on our website:



Increase in impressions

What is a sponsorship?

A sponsorship involves setting a FIXED placement on our website for a single advertisement. This ad will be the ONLY ad shown in this space.

These ads tend to be banner rectangles (above/below menu) or specific ad areas.


There are only a limited number of slots available for referral (for a fixed time window).

This is to preserve the integrity of our Shuffle system.

What is an impression boost?

All of our digital ads contain reported numbers for their performance:


Due to the shuffle, all non-sponsored ads are shown the same number of times (inline with everyone else).

If an advertiser wants to improve the frequency of their ad, they can buy more impressions/views.

Our rate follows an industry standard of “cost per thousand”.

How we calculate impressions

Most online advertising options follow a CPM system, which tracks raw views. The problem with this setup is that a “view/impression” in this system is counted when the ad is “loaded”, not when viewed.

Some pages or websites load advertising areas far beyond the main content (where users never scroll). This system leads to inflated numbers and inaccurate measurements.


As an advertiser, you deserve to have the most accurate reports possible. Our website uses a vCPM system, which ENSURES that a view/impression is only counted when viewed.

Our vCPM rate

To improve the reach of an existing ad campaign (outside of a dedicated referral slot), we charge a vCPM rate of $15.

It’s $15 for every 1,000 additional views of an ad on our website.

Paying for an impression boost allows advertisers to be seen more frequently among our shuffle.

What Facebook charges

Our goal is to charge a fair rate for our impression increases. So here’s a simple way to compare our pricing to Facebook’s.

As you can see from the graph above, the average cost per 1,000 impressions on Facebook hovers around $14.
Unlike our system, they follow a CPM system, which allows placing an ad anywhere (and does not guarantee views).

Our website guarantees that your ad will be SEEN, will exist among LOCAL sponsors and will exist on a FAIR platform.

Benefits of running a digital ad

By choosing to run a digital advertisement with us, you have access to ALL data for the performance of your advertisement. We can generate a full PDF report:


This report will break down EVERY ad you run and show full metrics (for EVERY day in the requested date range).


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