How to optimize your law firm’s Facebook page

Taking care of your law firm’s Facebook page can be time consuming, but the time invested pays off directly when your page attracts subscribers and potential clients. A presence on Facebook is important. If you are not on this social media platform, your competition certainly is. While maintaining a presence on Facebook and running a law firm can seem overwhelming, the time and effort spent will pay off.

Law firms should focus on engaging their Facebook page

Law firms often say that their Facebook pages are not working well for them. Often there is a valid reason for not creating posts that generate meaningful and consistent engagement from existing subscribers, visitors, and customers. It’s hard to market a law firm creatively, but the Facebook page can be turned into a powerful platform.

Videos, photos and hashtags

Like most social media platforms, Facebook is visual. Therefore, companies should create posts that are primarily visually appealing. Law firms should focus on video posts, infographics, photos, illustrations, quotes, and clips. Keep the content visual and not overly wordy.

Tips on using videos:

• Messages containing videos must be less than three minutes in length. Videos should be short and to the point.
• Videos are a great source of boosting a law firm’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Make sure the video has a title and description with some infused keywords.
• Download the video directly to the platform. Facebook videos take priority over embedded videos from other platforms.
• Use legal hashtags, which make the topic you choose a link that people can visit, such as #sandiegocaraccidentattorney.
• Where possible, photos and videos should include law firm staff and lawyers.

Invite and interact

You may also want to expand your audience, a task that can be accomplished by showing your business content on other pages. This can expose your business to a larger audience, but you would want to choose where you publish it with care.

While sharing on another page, find the admin panel and click the Create Audience button. You get a drop-down menu listing different ways to invite other people to like your law firm’s page. Choose carefully, although this route is safer because you connect with people who know, love, and use your legal services. The more people you reach, the more messages you can receive.

Always stay on top of posts by responding quickly, as your page is rated for responsiveness. Always stay professional and personal by responding in a way that highlights your personality. Talk to clients and prospects about what interests them, such as local events and media issues. Express yourself and be interesting. Share these messages with lawyers from other firms. They can forward your posts and share their content with you – a win-win situation for both companies.

Schedule your content

Businesses large and small need to make sure their Facebook content is consistent. Facebook offers a scheduling feature to help plan and organize posts. Businesses can also use other planning tools if they wish, such as SmarterQueue or Hootsuite.

Scheduling publications gives the impression that a law firm is engaged and active. Additionally, it can help with posting content on holidays and weekends.

Request and respond to reviews

Customer reviews are a great advertising tool. They allow others looking for a lawyer or firm to find out what others have been through with your firm. Reviews are also free advertising. Do not hesitate to ask for opinions from satisfied customers. Often times, customers don’t think about leaving a review unless prompted to do so. Asking for reviews is essential as it drastically influences the decisions of potential clients about hiring a business.

Keep in mind that not all reviews will be positive. If your business receives a negative review, it’s important to respond. This shows potential customers that your business takes reviews seriously and that you are engaged with your customers.

Facebook Ads

Another way to build engagement on your law firm’s Facebook page is to create and place a Facebook ad. They are inexpensive, can be targeted and boosted.

Growing your law firm’s Facebook audience takes time and patience. However, optimizing your business Facebook page shouldn’t seem overwhelming or tedious. With a few simple habits and strategic planning of your posts, your law firm’s Facebook page can begin to attract more traffic and clients.

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