Illegal cannabis adverts run on Tube: dealer claims to sell £50,000 a week

Thousands of cannabis adverts with a discount code were “posted” on the London Underground, creating “£50,000 in cannabis sales a week”, the retailer behind the campaign said.

Have you seen ads for Dispenseroo?

Dispenseroo, a cannabis delivery service with similar branding to Deliveroo, was “posting on the fly” on the tube network, after placing 2,500 paper ads for its services in cars.

The founder, who describes himself as a Londoner in his 20s, has since revealed that Dispenseroo was generating around £50,000 in sales a week, following the guerrilla marketing campaign which lasted three weeks.

He said public response to the first campaign was “excellent” and wants sales to reach “£500,000 a week” by the end of 2022.

Ads for digital billboards and vending machines are being planned, he added.

The tube adverts, which included a £5 discount code under the phrase: ‘Love you [leaf emoji]?’, were placed in billboards.

A TfL spokesman said the adverts had been “displayed”, an issue which is taken “extremely seriously”.

Cannabis was advertised on the London Underground in spaces reserved for paid advertisements

Dispenseroo Founder Says Cannabis Distributor Realized

The Dispenseroo founder says a cannabis distributor made “£50,000 in cannabis sales” in a week after “posting” 2,500 adverts on the tube network.

‘These adverts are not authorized by TfL or our advertising partner Global,’ they told MailOnline.

“It’s flyposting, which we take extremely seriously. We have already asked our subcontractors to remove all these posters found on our network.

The Dispenseroo website, which sells the Class B drug for at least £85 for 3.5 grams, also offers free delivery on orders over £200, as well as ‘regular giveaways and competitions for our community “.

It also indicates that the dispensary operates “from crop to door”.

Speaking to Vice World News, the founder said, “Being young and always trying to get the best weed, I always got bumped into. Now that I have the ability to get great weed, I wanted to share it with people.

He claimed the drugs were “ethically sourced” and did not contain synthetic cannabinoids.

“It is grown without pesticides or artificial chemicals. There is no child labor, no bandos, no trap houses, it’s far from it. It comes from trustworthy people. We work directly with growers across the UK and in California,” he added.

“All weed and products are tested and our vapes come with lab reports on the boxes, so you can scan them and see what’s inside the cartridge you’re vaping.”

The founder said he had been buying the Class B drug since he was 17 and wanted to see a regulated market for the drug in the UK.

That could include verifying customers’ ages with ID, he said.

The website is registered in the US state of Washington, where the private consumption of cannabis is legal.

Customers gave it a 4.7-star rating, based on more than 100 reviews on Trustpilot.

One shopper wrote: ‘This is amazing you really are going to be right [at] the best in terms of legalization.

Another wrote: “I saw the ads on the tubes. I thought it couldn’t work. Well dear reader, it is. [Seamless] delivery of certain edible products. Tracked shipment via my friendly postwoman.’

Others called the website’s service “brilliant” and “legitimate” after they re-initiated their cannabis orders.

The site, which tells customers that their data is

The site, which tells customers their data is ‘100% safe’, sells THC flowers, the psychoactive part of a cannabis plant

The website opens with a home page that reads, “Do you like weed? Then we have good news for you.

‘Now with Dispenseroo you can order anything related to weed. With next day dispatch if you order before noon, great customer service and a selection of products to choose from.

“We work directly with growers to make sure the best, freshest produce gets to you.”

On a about page, he continues: “The Dispenseroo team, like grass. Okay, that’s an understatement. We love grass.

“So much so that we have dedicated our lives to launching Dispenseroo.

“We want Dispenseroo to be more than the biggest dispensary in the UK; with next day shipping for orders placed before noon, live chat customer support and fair pricing.

“We want it to be a movement…”

The team behind Dispenseroo describe themselves as a “collective of cannabis smokers aiming to correct the stigma surrounding cannabis and its positive effects”.

“We are on a mission to keep improving and pushing for the legalization of weed in the UK,” they add.

The site, which tells customers that their data is “100% safe”, sells THC flowers, the psychoactive part of a cannabis plant.

The Metropolitan Police said they could not comment because the London Underground is patrolled by British Transport Police.

A British Transport Police spokesman told MailOnline: ‘We are not aware of any reports of this.

Vice World News reported that the company had not been contacted by police.

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