Illinois Rep. Mary Miller among candidates using ‘polarizing language’

Representative Mary Miller’s “polarizing rhetoric” makes her one of the most controversial lawmakers in the US Congress, according to a New York Times study published on Sunday.

The study assessed tweets, newsletters, Facebook ads and statements by Congressional Record lawmakers from 2010 through June.

The analysis used linguistic software to tally how often lawmakers used hostile words.

He found that in the current Congress, “Representatives who fought to certify the election used polarizing language on Twitter about 55% more often than other Republicans, and nearly triple the rate of Democrats.”

Miller, a Republican from Oakland who is completing her first term as a representative for Illinois’ 15th district, voted against certifying Joe Biden as president in the 2020 election. She has strongly supported the former president Donald Trump, who backed her in a contentious Republican primary against Rep. Rodney Davis in the redesigned 15th District on June 28.

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Miller is widely seen as the prohibitive favorite in the Nov. 8 general election that pits her against Democrat Paul Lange de Mendon.

“Ms. Miller’s inflammatory remarks underscore just how entrenched the polarizing rhetoric has become among Republicans in the House of Representatives,” the New York Times wrote.

Shortly after his swearing-in in early 2021, Miller created waves by telling a Moms for America group in Washington, D.C. that “Hitler was right about one thing,” referring to winning “the heart and soul.” minds of our children” to determine the future Miller later apologized for the remark.

During a visit by Trump to the Adams County Fairgrounds on June 25, Miller credited him for the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, calling it “a victory for white life”.

A spokesperson for Miller told NBC News that Miller “means ‘right to life’.” Miller appeared to be reading prepared remarks at the rally.

In tweetMiller blamed the Democratic agenda for its “open borders, rampant crime, blackouts, 40-year high inflation, castration of children and ‘nuclear armageddon'”.

John T. Shaw, director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University, said the language resonated with a Trump-affiliated segment of the Republican Party, but the language “would have been unacceptable a generation ago, unthinkable, even disqualifying.

“The language, to me, is light on substance and heavy with invective, heavy with anger, heavy with division and recrimination. It’s the type of language that would have disappointed and even shocked someone like (the president) Ronald Reagan, not to mention Paul Simon.”

Simon, the late Democratic US Senator from Illinois, is the namesake of the Carbondale Institute.

The language, to me, is light on substance and heavy with invective, heavy with anger, heavy with division and recrimination.

–John Shaw, director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute

Miller accused the Biden administration of trying to “coerce Americans into accepting abortion and radical gender ideology.” Miller railed against “Hollywood hypocrites, lying fake media, Big Tech oligarchs and ‘woke’ companies who have all sold out to China.”

The New York Times article said that Miller “regularly quotes the Bible and writes ‘Happy Sunday’ messages to his subscribers.” He also referenced Miller’s reaction – “the left applauds” – to the display of the Satanic Temple next to the Nativity Scene inside the Illinois State Capitol rotunda.

Miller responded to the study in a statement to the State Journal-Register. “Joe Biden’s policies of opening our southern border to a flood of fentanyl, destroying our national energy industry, trying to force Americans to get COVID shots, and pushing children to be chemically castrated are extremely” polarizing “and I will never stop fighting. his extremist agenda.”

In a previous TweeterMiller called the New York Times “fake news” “radical leftists.”

Lange did not respond to a request for comment.

Miller, Shaw said, has decided “on a tone of speech and a way of talking about politics that she’s going to embrace and use. I have no doubt it’s going to resonate with parts of the Republican base.” What I doubt is that it is an effective strategy to solve problems and make the country better.”

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