Internet security company reports that too many fake websites are cracking down on Facebook ads in Malaysia

Every now and then we would hear news about how Malaysians are getting scammed online. In this news, a researcher from a Slovak Internet security company, ESET, Lukáš Štefanko made a discovery and detected that many fake websites are disguised as legitimate services with similar domain names in Malaysia.

According to Štefanko, Malaysian online shoppers are often tricked by a certain fake website through a campaign by scammers through Facebook ads. However, the website did not offer the option to buy directly through them, but instead encouraged them to download apps from the Google Play Store. Oh, it’s not really a Google Play Store either but a server under the control of crooks.

He also mentioned that eight Malaysian banks were also targeted, including Maybank, Affin Bank, Public Bank, CIMB Bank, BSN, RHB, Bank Islam Malaysia and Hong Leong Bank. When the victims submitted their banking information, they will get a fake message stating that their username or password is incorrect. At this point, their bank details were sent to the “malware” operator.

To gain further access to the victim’s bank account, the fake online store app will send all SMS messages as if they were sent by the bank about the two-factor verification (2FA) code. Štefanko warns online users to be careful when clicking on ads and search results from paid search engines if they do not bring them to the official site. Additionally, it was encouraged to use 2FA software or hardware instead of SMS for greater security.

The report listed seven fake websites and three malicious Android apps recently in Malaysia. We hope you don’t all fall for such obvious online scams, even when things are too good to be true. Stay tuned for more tech news at

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