John Lewis Christmas Ad: Geordies unite to choose their favorite festive clip from the past few years

With the new John Lewis advert hitting our screens, we asked the people of Newcastle to pick their all-time favourite.

The all-new John Lewis advert hit our screens recently, and it’s another tear. The ad begins with a middle-aged man apparently trying to teach himself how to skateboard and struggling to master the skill. At the end of the ad, the man’s reasons for learning to skateboard become clear when a young girl arrives at his home alongside a social worker, skateboard in hand.

The ad then displays words on the screen that read: “Over 108,000 children in the UK are in care. We have a long-term commitment to supporting the future of young people coming out of care. John Lewis has partnered with Action for Children and Who Cares? Scotland, selling advertising products such as the skateboard, with 25% of profits going to the two charities.

John Lewis Christmas advertisements are eagerly awaited every year. They tend to evoke viewers’ emotion and are always accompanied by a cover of a well-known song, usually an acoustic version to enhance the emotional impact. This year, a cover of Blink 182’s All The Small Things was the song of choice. Many people mark the arrival of the John Lewis commercial as the official countdown to Christmas. John Lewis usually teams up with a different charity each year, to

We asked Newcastle residents to share their favorite John Lewis advert from previous years. There were many different opinions, but Newcastle seemed to agree on one. The Man on the Moon ad from 2015 was a clear winner, with many voting it a favorite. The ad showed an old man living alone on the moon, while a young girl on earth tries to contact him. A cover of Half The World Away by Oasis accompanied the commercial.

One person said of the ad, “Man on the Moon was very emotional. I won’t lie. The song Half The World Away was associated with it, magnificent. Another said: “Definitely the man on the moon. I love the song anyway and it’s nice that the little girl tried to cheer up a lonely older man over Christmas.

Edinburgh actor John Paul Hurley in John Lewis’ 2022 Christmas advert ‘The Beginner’. PENNSYLVANIA.

Newcastle also showed love for 2019’s Excitable Edgar (the dragon who accidentally set fire to it), 2013’s The Bear and The Hare (a Christmas woodland animal animation), 2012’s The Journey (which featured a snowman snow going to John Lewis for hat and gloves for his snow girlfriend) and 2014’s Monty The Penguin (which shows a friendship between a young boy and a penguin).

Newcastle is home to a John Lewis department store, which is located in Newcastle’s main shopping destination, Eldon Square. The store has four floors of beauty, fashion, housewares, tech, toys and more.

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