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Kelowna mayoral candidate Tom Dyas claims misuse of taxpayers’ money for ads promoted on the city’s Facebook page.

A statement from Dyas’ campaign says that between February 2020 and May 2022, the City of Kelowna promoted 18 Facebook ads, only three of which featured Mayor Colin Basran.

Between June 2022 and July 2022, the city promoted seven ads with a total of five featuring the mayor.

“This means the mayor went from a taxpayer-funded Facebook ad on average once every nine months to once a week before the municipal campaign period,” the statement said.

“I’m concerned that the City of Kelowna has used taxpayer dollars to promote the mayor ahead of the municipal election,” Dyas said.

Capital News has checked the city’s Facebook page and confirmed the number of sponsored ads featuring the mayor during the stated time period, however, there were no sponsored ads featuring Basran for the month of august.

“As the next Mayor of Kelowna, I will commit to prohibiting all City of Kelowna advertising expenditures not related to public safety, community engagement and consultation, or advertising required by higher levels. of government,” Dyas added.

Capital News has contacted City Hall and is awaiting comment on the story.

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