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When you first hear about a concept like Knee High Knuckle Buster Micro Wrestling, it sounds like a crazy idea reviving in the days of traveling circuses and side shows. And maybe it is. But now, after 5 years of successful events, it has also managed to become some kind of institution in Atlantic City.

“It wasn’t supposed to be an annual thing, honestly,” said Jon Henderson, director of Good Time Tricycle Productions, the company behind Knee High Knuckle Buster Micro Wrestling, which comes to Atlantic City at 6 p.m. on Saturday, July 24, in the outdoor area at Ducktown Tavern known as the Duck Hut.

“We thought it would be a one-time event, but 350 people showed up in the first year. So we started over. And it gets bigger year after year. We expect there will be close to 1,000 people at Duck Hut this year.

What is that?In case the name hasn’t revealed, Knee High Knuckle Buster Micro Wrestling is an event based on the concept of little people wrestling. It’s essentially the same concept as any other form of professional wrestling, except the participants are all dwarves.

“Micro-wrestling has been around since the 1920s. It dates back to the days of carnival,” notes Henderson. “And it’s still going strong today. The group we work with is the Micro Wrestling Federation, and they go all over the country. “

The event will feature singles and team matches, as well as a full micro battle royale.

A bit of controversy Is it exploitation? Perhaps. But the same is true for much of professional wrestling, as one could easily argue that giant fighters in WWE and other major wrestling organizations aren’t much different when it comes to extreme sizes. And although in recent years the name of the event has changed from its original title of “Knee-High Knuckle Buster Midget Wrestling”, Henderson assures us that this is not due to the fact that it gives in to any type. pressure to be more politically correct.

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