Meta woos mobile publishers with incentivized app ads

Facebook owner is launching rewarded interstitial ads, giving publishers a new way to generate revenue.

Meta says its solution will improve user experience

Meta is expanding its advertising offering with a new skippable incentive advertising category available through its audience network.

The new format allows developers to reward players in-game with extra coins or lives after completing a video review, encouraging greater consumption of commercial content.

Sold as a way to present products and messages to players in a less intrusive way than established ad formats and placements, full-screen interactive ads are timed to occur during breaks in the game, such as game completions. level. To further minimize frustration, players will be able to back out after five seconds.

Manish Gajria, Director of Product Management at Meta, said, “We are proud to launch Rewarded Interstitial Ads: an enhanced consent-based interstitial experience aimed at driving higher eCPMs and increasing player engagement. for instant games and native mobile game apps.”

Michael Bertaut, Director, App Monetization, EMEA, at Meta Audience Network, added, “We are excited to offer our partners and publishers a new way to generate revenue. Meta Audience Network offers other formats that support monetization growth, and given the success of award-winning video and interstitial ads, this complementary format combines the best of both worlds for a new player experience.

Promoting the process to app developers, Meta says its solution will improve user experience and increase gaming sessions by motivating gamers to try again. He also says the solution will grab people’s attention in a way that passive ads never can, and help monetize gamers who are resistant to in-app purchases.

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