Microsoft and Adobe bring AI Smarts to consumer apps

Microsoft is adding AI-generated illustrations to its Office suite, according to an announcement last week. This feature will be available as part of the new Canva-like web application called Microsoft Designer, which can generate designs for presentations, posters, digital postcards, invitations, and graphics.

Microsoft Designer

In Designer, users can choose from different templates to get started designing platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook Ads or Instagram Stories. Various pre-made templates are also available on the web, along with shapes, photos, icons, and headers that can be added to projects.

“With Designer, there’s no need to spend time creating cards or social media posts from scratch. And you no longer have to search through thousands of pre-made templates. Designer invites you to start with an idea and let the AI ​​do the heavy lifting,” the software giant said in a blog post.

According to Microsoft, users simply describe the image they want to see (write the prompt) and the app will create something “totally unique”.

Indeed, Microsoft promised that “every surface in the app is powered by AI to help ensure designs are consistent, aligned, correctly scaled, and beautiful, even with or without any inherent design capabilities.”

Microsoft Designer is not yet generally available, although users can join a waiting list for a chance to preview it. Microsoft says Designer will eventually be available as a free standalone app and a more comprehensive version available to paid Office 365 subscribers.

Adobe Photoshop

Separately, Adobe today introduced new AI features to its acclaimed Adobe Photoshop image editor. According to Adobe, the new built-in artificial intelligence features will enable greater automation and increase efficiency when it comes to Photoshop’s repetitive tasks.

This includes features such as “one-click remove and fill” to select and remove objects from images in one step and one-click background removal. Photo Restoration Beta Neural Filter also offers the ability to restore old or damaged photos by leveraging machine learning to intelligently remove scratches and other imperfections from old photos.

In a recent report, analyst firm Forrester noted that spending on AI software will grow 50% faster than the overall software market over the next two years. He delineated AI spending into the following areas: AI-infused software – such as those from Microsoft and Adobe, AI tools and AI-centric software.

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