NBC News staffers reportedly upset over MSNBC’s planned hiring of Psaki

NBC News staffers are apparently “troubled” by MSNBC’s decision to hire Jen Psaki upon her departure as White House press secretary, people familiar with the matter told CNN.

In an attempt to address some of their concerns, NBC News President Noah Oppenheim reportedly held an impromptu phone call on Friday with “vexed” employees in the Washington bureau, some of whom complained that “the interim hiring is tarnishing the NBC News brand,” CNN wrote. .

In the appeal, Oppenheim reportedly argued that NBC News had no role in hiring Psaki, nor should reporters think that hires made for MSNBC’s opinion arm are related. at their work.

“Here’s what he was saying: They have perspective programming. It was done on the perspective programming side. Nothing that reflects on NBC News,” one of the people explained on the call with Oppenheim. to CNN, which also had discussions with Psaki.

NBC News reporters should just do their job as usual, Oppenheim reportedly added.

PSAki is reportedly leaving the White House around May for a hosting gig on NBCUniversal’s streaming platform, although the deal is not yet final. She would also appear on various MSNBC shows.

Frustration over the hiring of Psaki also threatens to widen an already existing rift between NBC News and MSNBC, CNN notes.

“It’s been a slow boil for a while,” a staff member said. NBC News reporters have also been “watching” MSNBC’s priority commentary and outlook over news reporting since MSNBC President Rashida Jones took over just over a year ago. year, writes CNN.

“Rashida makes no apologies for what she is doing with MSNBC,” a network employee told CNN. “She was clear about the direction of the network.”

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