New York mayor plans to build tent city for migrant influx

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has announced plans to set up large tents as temporary shelter for the influx of relocated migrants the city is struggling to accommodate, The Associated Press reports.

The proposed tent city is one of many options city officials are considering to house the approximately 13,000 migrants arriving from Texas and Arizona. Cruise ships and summer camps are also on the table.

“This is not an everyday homelessness crisis, but a humanitarian crisis that requires a different approach,” Adams said in a statement Thursday.

Despite its extensive system of homeless shelters, New York City struggles to find housing for newcomers. Leading the unexpected influx are a number of GOP governors, who ferried thousands of migrants to liberal areas like Martha’s Vineyard, Chicago and Washington, DC to protest President Biden’s immigration policies.

Adams said the city plans to open 38 more emergency shelters in addition to the 23 opened since relocated migrants began arriving in May. NYC officials also recently opened a multimillion-dollar welcoming shelter to streamline the process of helping newcomers get settled.

The first proposed location for the tents is a parking lot in the Bronx’s Orchard Beach, according to the New York Post. Officials say the tent will house up to 1,000 adults for one to four days for health assessments before placing them into the city’s shelter system.

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