NYC sex trafficker lured ‘hundreds’ of victims by placing fake waitress job ads online

According to FBI investigators, “hundreds” of women were allegedly exploited by a New York woman over the past ten years, leading to her arrest and charges of sex trafficking.

On August 12, Ysenni Gomez, 39, was taken into custody and charged with trafficking women in the Bronx and neighboring Westchester County.

According to the FBI, Gomez advertised online on sites like Facebook, and to entice women to work as “waitresses” at a Manhattan restaurant.

Gomez would use the s to deliberately target immigrants who speak Spanish.

Victim who helped bring in Gomez, an illegal Venezuelan immigrant, says she was pressured into having sex with men after being told there was no job and threatened with call the authorities to have her deported.

Ysenni Gomez, 39, was taken into custody on August 12 and charged with trafficking women in the Bronx and neighboring Westchester County

According to the FBI, Gomez would post online advertisements using Facebook, and to try to lure women into jobs as

According to the FBI, Gomez attempted to recruit women for “waitress” positions at a Manhattan restaurant by placing online advertisements on sites including Facebook, and

According to reports, Gomez would urge victims, like this Venezuelan lady, to get into a vehicle after pinning them down.

The girl said she was pressured into providing sexual services to three men a night for the next few weeks.

More than 1,600 people linked to Gomez allegedly advertised prostitution for more than a decade, according to federal prosecutors.

She used pseudonyms like “Ysenni Peguero”, “Carolina” and the fictitious company name “Chicas Express” to hide her identity.

Anyone with information or who may have been a victim is asked to contact the FBI.

According to FBI Supervisory Special Agent Brendan Kenny, “there are probably a lot more victims,” ​​he told the New York Post. Up to ten years could have passed while this operation was in progress.

An undercover cop responding to one of his helped authorities locate Gomez earlier in August, and a meeting was arranged at a hotel in Tarrytown.

According to Kenney, the FBI is investigating whether or not other traffickers are connected to Gomez’s business.

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