Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen defended by fans after browsing commercials

Amanda Owen has delighted fans and viewers alike as she shared snippets of her family life online since rising to fame as the Our Yorkshire Farm star on Channel 5.

However, many were divided when the mother-of-nine decided to capitalize on her online following of more than 371,000 people on Instagram and start posting ads.

After recently teaming up with supermarket giant Morrisons, many criticized the 46-year-old for “over-selling” and expressed “disappointment” that the agriculture star went “the publicity route” .

In contrast, many of the star’s loyalists supported and defended his decision in comments to his latest promotional item.

Our Yorkshire Farm’s latest career development splits fans online

Shared on Monday, the Shepherdess can be seen cooking a ‘whole roast lamb’ at her Yorkshire home as she continues to work with ‘Britain’s greatest champions of agriculture’ Morrisons.

“Over the past few weeks we’ve been exploring all the ways to make full use of a whole roast lamb, without any waste,” she begins in her caption of snaps of herself and her child preparing a delicious lamb tagine.

She then details how she created the dish using leftover bones from her Morrisons lamb joint to create a broth before adding other ingredients such as Moroccan seasoning and cranberries.

Amanda Owen from our Yorkshire farm splits fans with latest post as some say it's 'a shame'
The star created the delicious dish while doing promotional work with the supermarket

“Morrisons is one of the greatest champions of British agriculture and his clients have raised £ 20million to support our farms so far,” she continues, singing the praises of her latest coworker.

“This British lamb is a favorite with kids and since they love to help out in the kitchen, they were excited to get involved in making this week’s dish and to learn why lamb is such a healthy choice.”

Amanda Owen from our Yorkshire farm splits fans with latest post as some say it's 'a shame'
Fans were quick to show their love and support in Amanda’s latest commercial.

One fan was quick to defend the star’s announcement, commenting, “I love Amanda and Clive and all the kids, why do we have to have ignorant people who are rude? If you don’t like their posts , so don’t follow – easy death, no need to be rude.

Another devotee simply wrote “delicious”, while a third emphasized: “If Morrison paid me, I would gladly show them my cooking skills. A girl has to make a living. If you don’t like it, don’t. don’t. I’m not. I think she’s an inspiration.

“Ouch, let’s stop with the negativity,” pleaded an Instagram used with other fans.

“Times are changing, things are changing. The pandemic has caused suffering to everyone. Be kind.”

Earlier this year, Amanda hit back at criticism of her advertising work, telling fans that her promotional posts help keep her eldest daughter Raven financially stable while studying at college.

Speaking in June, the Channel 5 star told fans, “Well it’s time to set the record straight.

Amanda Owen and her family at home
Amanda explained to fans in June that the publicity work helps keep her family financially stable

“I encourage children to follow the paths they choose in life, to be ambitious and to strive for their own personal goals.

Raven is studying biomedical sciences at university, working part-time in a supermarket and volunteering at the hospital.

“She advertises, she gets paid.

“Education and indeed life doesn’t come cheap and so if a paid advertising opportunity comes along and the product is really good then why wouldn’t you do it.”

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