Sainsbury’s removes cream tea ad in Cornwall after complaints

Sainsbury’s withdrew an ad featuring scones with cream and jam in Cornwall after local customers complained of fury.

The ad was spotted in the baked goods section of Sainsbury’s branch in Truro and showed fruit scones topped with cream, followed by jam.

In Cornwall, it is traditional to put the jam on a plain scone first, followed by cream. Fruit scones are usually eaten only with butter.

A photo of the offending ad was posted on Facebook by Andrea Drosiadis, who runs a Mediterranean delicatessen in the town of Cornwall, with the caption: “How did this happen?”

He told the local newspaper Cornwall Live: “England is a country with strong local traditions that shape our daily lives. “Jam first” is a typical example and Sainsbury’s should have known better. “

Angry Cornish residents have called the signage “shameful”, with some going so far as to call for a boycott of the supermarket.

One person commented, “This is a fruit scone – only needs butter. Jam and cream go well on a regular scone or a split! “

Another added: “They badly need to have a word with themselves and fix the problem!” Help, Cornish staff was in dire need of help.

In response to a tweet from Cornwall Live asking Sainsbury’s to explain, a spokesperson for the supermarket replied: “An impostor! In which store did you see this please? We are going to tell them about this blasphemy!

They added after learning the location of the ad that sparked outrage: “This will never do Truro at all!” I have logged comments to the store manager to make sure he is made aware of this impostor and to fix it accordingly. “

According to reports, the image was removed from the store wall on Thursday.

Sainsbury’s said in a statement: “Our afternoon tea has gone wrong in Truro! We review the customer feedback we have received. “

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