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Store Stock: Silicon Valley Fintech Brex Launches Instant Checkout Feature, Now Available to Sellers on Shopify and Amazon

Fintech Unicorn Brex announced the launch of its Instant payments feature, which is now available to sellers on Shopify, allowing them to instantly access payments, earn money and “free up cash flow so they can scale their business faster.”

Last fall, Brex introduced its Instant Payments feature for Amazon sellers. Now, Brex Cash customers on Shopify and Amazon can “immediately access their sales revenue, getting their funds faster rather than waiting for the usual 14-day deadline,” according to an update shared with Crowdfund Insider.

Businesses or businesses no longer need their sales payment cycles to “dictate the rate at which they can reinvest in their business,” the announcement notes.

Diane pingul, co-founder of HappyGun, have noticed :

“Managing cash flow has always been one of our biggest challenges as an e-commerce business, and the delay of several days between ordering and collecting certainly doesn’t make it any easier. With Brex’s instant payment feature, we can access cash as soon as customers buy our products, even at night and on weekends. This is one of many examples of how Brex has helped solve some of the unique issues that online sellers face.

As recently reported, Brex discussed how wholesaling can help your business grow its operations.

Brex notes that many digital commerce business owners start out pretty small: an online store or retail outlet, a “handful of new products” and maybe a few employees. However, Brex points out that there comes a time for almost all startups to ‘take a leap’. Wholesale can be that leap, according to Brex, allowing SMEs to grow and effectively sell products in large quantities.

According to Brex, here are several advantages of engaging in wholesale:

More time for your business: “When a wholesale partner sells your products, you are free to work on improving your brand, marketing your business, and developing new products. “

Reduced impact of market changes: “If you sell your products to individuals through the traditional retail model, economic and market changes can strike quickly and hard. When you sell high volumes to third parties, “there can be a lag between changes in customer habits and your business because your customers are buying wholesale.”

Lower marketing costs: “Marketing is expensive when you sell directly to consumers. When you have wholesale partners, “you are marketing to a smaller audience while generating sales.”

Wider brand visibility: “Selling to specific customers requires a precise focus on your audience. When you sell to a wholesale business, “your customer base naturally grows (often in unexpected directions).”

It should be noted that many other Fintechs are focused on solving the cash flow issues facing US businesses. Derik Sutton of Autobooks and Currencycloud explained how cash flow issues are a major problem for small businesses.

As the Currencycloud team noted:

“Small businesses have traditionally been underserved by financial institutions, but in many ways COVID-19 has accelerated existing problems. And while everyone has touted the stock market’s V-shaped recovery, many SMEs are facing a K-shaped recovery – with just as many companies going bankrupt as those rebounding.

Currencycloud further revealed:

“Most businesses are woefully behind when it comes to cash flow. So, of course, PPP loans were a huge priority in the face of bottlenecks, but cash flow – just like before the pandemic – is the top priority for small businesses. This perennial concern for small businesses is often a problem for traditional banks.

Store Stock: Silicon Valley Fintech Brex Launches Instant Checkout Feature, Now Available to Sellers on Shopify and Amazon


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