The Secret Bag Wrapping Hack You Need To Know To Get Bonus Flybuys Points At Coles

It’s the supermarket chore that we all hate, but often have no choice but to do.

But did you know that when you shop at Coles, you can now score bonus flybuys points every time you pack your own bags?

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This is the little-known secret hack that a buyer recently shared explaining that you’re eligible for the extra points when doing packing tasks at checkout – all the cashier has to do is enter a little known code.

Sharing the little-known hack on the fabulous Facebook group Mums Who Budget & Save, follower Nadine writes: “Maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t know it, but when I shop at Coles, I always do my shopping. own bags (I let the person at the checkout know I’m happy to do this) because it’s faster and I like to pack my bags full.

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“Well, I’ve just been told that you get 50 additional fly purchase points for doing it!” The person at the checkout said to make sure you always ask the cashier to put it on and that it is under heavy items. I know it’s not huge but every point counts and it’s something I do anyway! ‘

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Nadine went on to explain that the code used by the cashiers at Coles is “YouPack” – and although it appears as 1 cent on your receipt, she explains that “1c is a code generator to get the 50 points as you can. see it then credited. ‘

Customer Nadine shows how the cashier added the code “Coupon offset” to earn her bonus flybuys points.
Customer Nadine shows how the cashier added the code “Coupon offset” to earn her bonus flybuys points. Credit: Facebook

The hack was a treat with other savvy members of the Facebook group.

“I am pedantic about how my bags are packed and I always do them myself anyway, so this is extremely helpful information !! Thank you!’ said one. Another added: “Really? I never knew that! Thanks for sharing! ‘

Adding a third: “Wow, I missed a lot of points! “

Some shoppers were quick to point out that the hack was only available at certain Coles stores – but another Coles fan pointed out that if you share the code with the cashier, they may oblige.

“So try it! Said another customer.

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