This Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Ad Has a Random Kingdom Hearts Reference

A Taco Bell commercial for the return of its Mexican pizza makes a random reference to Kingdom Hearts.

Recently, there has been a slight increase in references to Kingdom Hearts in several forms of media. Surprisingly, most of them come from Disney itself, which didn’t happen very often until 2022. The latest Kingdom Hearts reference, however, has nothing to do with Disney and actually comes from a new Taco Bell ad for its Mexican pizza. .

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The announcement appeared on Taco Bell’s official Facebook page, but has yet to surface on its Twitter. The ad shows shots of the Mexican pizza as someone raps about how their “band stopped by” to get the pizza. One line from the ad says, “Yeah, don’t forget the soda, we eat our whole order, key to my heart like Sora,” which is a clear reference to Kingdom Hearts protagonist Sora and his weapon. emblem in the shape of a key, the Key to the Kingdom.


Considering the rest of the rap and its lines are about the pizza itself and what it’s made of, it’s a very odd inclusion but definitely works to get Kingdom Hearts nerds like me thinking about Taco Bell.

Sadly, despite the genius of referencing Kingdom Hearts in something that has absolutely nothing to do with it, most comments don’t even acknowledge it and instead beg Taco Bell to bring back the Taco Salad. One fan seems to have found their way to the announcement, however, commenting, “Kingdom Hearts is canon in the Taco Bell kitchen universe.” Hey, if Taco Bell ends up in Kingdom Hearts 4, we’ll play it.

It’s definitely the weirdest Kingdom Hearts reference we’ve seen in quite some time, but it’s certainly not the only one made recently. Last month, the key to Sora’s kingdom could be spotted in the trailer for Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers.

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