Who is the actress in the 2021 Pandora Brilliance commercial? Star Daredevil Featured In Diamond Collection

Pandora’s latest commercial has caught the interest of many people featuring Ashley Graham and a familiar actress. Who is the actress in the Pandora Brilliance commercial?

Danish jewelry brand ‘Pandora’ has launched its first lab-created sustainable diamond collection, now available in the UK.

The advertisement released for Pandora’s latest diamond collection features two breathtaking women: gorgeous plus-size model Ashley Graham and a beautiful actress.

Who is the actress in the 2021 Pandora Brilliance commercial?

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The actress in the 2021 Pandora Brilliance commercial is Rosario Dawson.

Rosario Dawson is a 41-year-old actress and producer, born May 9, 1979 in New York City.

Her mother, named Isabel Celeste, is of Cuban and Puerto Rican ancestry and gave birth to Rosario at the age of 16. Her father’s name is Patrick C. Harris, but the actress got her stepfather’s last name, “Dawson.”

Dawson has been in the public eye for years. She made her debut in the 1995 film Kids at just 16 years old.

Since then, the talented actress has featured in numerous productions, including “Trance” (2013), “Unforgettable” (2017), “Daredevil” (2015), “Jane the Virgin” (2014) and Star Wars: The Mandalorian ( 2019).

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Dawson is heavily involved in politics and philanthropy. She endorsed Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign for the 2020 US election, while supporting numerous charities and foundations including the Lower East Side Girls Club, Oxfam and One Campaign.

In terms of her personal life, the 41-year-old actress has been in a relationship with American politician Sen.Cory Booker since 2018.

Rosario Dawson stars in “The Water Man” produced by Oprah Winfrey

In addition to becoming an ambassador for “Pandora” and being part of Brilliance advertising, Rosario Dawson’s acting career does not end.

She is the star of “The Water Man”, a film produced by acclaimed host and author Oprah Winfrey, directed by David Oyelowo.

Dawson speaking about ‘The Water Man’ on USA Today revealed that, “It’s a trip that many of us can relate to and it’s done with a family of colors: it still has all the fun magical realism. which I loved growing up but didn’t. I necessarily see myself. It’s important to start to be a lot more inclusive in our storytelling and to give ourselves the chance to connect with each other in this way.

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